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The Best New York Pizza Places

jackspizzaofva-05Pizza has an important place in the heart of every New Yorker. It first came to America through New York City, or more precisely, through Ellis Island, with the first large wave of Italian immigrants in the mid-19th century. Little Italy, the famous Italian neighborhood in the city, was known for its many pizza places where even the city elite came to eat. Today, the city has thousands of pizza places where this popular dish can be enjoyed by slice or as pizza pie.

New York is famous for great pizza and has its own pizza style, with thin, often crispy crust. Deciding which of the many amazing pizza places in the city is the best is a difficult task, since different people have different tastes and preferences, but there are places that seem to have reached the general consensus.

Lombardi’s on Spring Street, in Nolita, is one of the all-time favorites. This pizzeria is included in most NYC tourist guides and itineraries and many consider it a must when visiting Manhattan. This place offers all the classic pizza varieties but the experts say that their clam pizza pie is the best.

Patsy’s Pizzeria in East Harlem is another New York landmark. Their pizza is baked in coal pit oven, the crust is paper-thin and slightly charred and the sauce is perfectly seasoned.

The L&B Spumoni Gardens in Gravesend, Brooklyn, makes slightly different pizzas, with thicker crust, oozing cheese and loads of toppings. This place is so popular that sometimes you have to wait in line for over an hour to get your slice of this square-pie pizza.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in DUMBO, Brooklyn, is another fix in the tourist itineraries, not to mention the passion that local residents have for this place. If you plan on trying their pizzas, arm yourself with patience, because whatever the time of the day and whatever the weather, there is always a huge line there.

jackspizzaofva-04Domenico Demarco of the DI Fara Pizza in Brooklyn is often regarded as the Godfather of New York Pizza. This celebrated pizza chef runs a one-man operation so there is always a long wait there, but the pizza is more that worth it and the whole experience of eating there is sure to transport you back to the old times of Frank Sinatra and the golden age of NYC.

Other places to look out for in New York include John’s of Bleecker Street, Joe and Pat on Staten Island, Totonno’s Pizzeria on Coney Island, Don Antonio, Adrienne’s Pizzabar, and many, many others.

A Short History of Pizza

Pizza, as we know it, derived from focaccia, which is a flat, often round piece of baked dough resembling bread. Ancient Romans used this food a lot, topped with honey, raisins, cheese, oil and nuts. The word “pizza” shares the etymology with the Greek word “pitta” and the Turkish [...] Continue Reading…

The Difference between Chicago and New York Style Pizza

Chicago style and New York style pizza are undoubtedly the two most popular pizza styles in the United States. These types of pizza can also be found outside of the USA, in Europe, for example, and even in Italy, the home of pizza.

The two styles have several significant differences. [...] Continue Reading…