The Difference between Chicago and New York Style Pizza

jackspizzaofva-03Chicago style and New York style pizza are undoubtedly the two most popular pizza styles in the United States. These types of pizza can also be found outside of the USA, in Europe, for example, and even in Italy, the home of pizza.

The two styles have several significant differences. The proponents of each style are often quite adamant in their defense of their preferred style and quite harsh when criticizing the other one. It is not common for a person to enjoy both pizza styles equally.

A neutral decision over which style is better is virtually impossible but the rivalry between the two cities is so strong that this argument comes up on regular basis. The Chicago style and New York style pizzas are different in almost every aspect – from the basic recipe and ingredients, to the toppings and servings. The difference is no longer a geographical one. It is not uncommon to find a Chicago style pizza in New York City or a typical New York thin crust pizza in Chicago. Still, it is safe to say that the residents of Chicago prefer their deep dish pizza while New Yorkers usually go for the New York style. On the other hand, thin crust pizza seems to sell much better on the national level, meaning it is more popular among pizza eaters.

When it comes to the actual differences, the main one regards the crust. Deep dish Chicago style pizza is known for its thick crust with plenty of tomato sauce and other toppings. New York style pizza, on the other hand, has very thin and usually crispy crust, with a thinner layer of toppings. This kind of pizza can easily be folded and it is usually eaten without a fork and knife. In fact, New York style pizza seems to be more convenient. It can be folded or eaten from a cardboard box or place, so it’s easier to have it on the go. This is not the case with the thick Chicago pizza, which requires sitting down with an actual plate and utensils.

jackspizzaofva-02As for the toppings, the basic New York style pizza (and according to many, the only real one) comes with just two toppings – tomato sauce and cheese in a thin layer. Most pizza places offer complimentary oregano, pepper flakes and grated cheese to sprinkle over your slice. Of course, this type of pizza comes with other toppings as well (pepperoni, vegetables, mushrooms) but the most popular kind is just the plain cheese pizza. Chicago style pizza also comes in this basic form but in that case the layer of toppings is thicker and the cheese is not strictly mozzarella, but often a combination of different cheeses.

Another major difference between the two styles is the greasiness. New York style pizzas tend to contain more oil while the Chicago style pizza is drier and rarely has oily pools on it.